2020 Healthcare Report

We’ve done the consumer marketing research on the health care industry—and we’re sharing it with you.

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“Patients are not defined by their demographics.”

Our research uncovered how consumers feel about:

  • Their Health
  • Health Care Options
  • Health Care Experiences
  • Health Care Policy

Our report reveals how each of these correlate with:

  • Usage
  • Pricing Sensitivity
  • Provider Choice
  • Demographic Characteristics

Health care companies can now gain better insight into the attitudes and motivations of healthcare consumers, thanks to a major LAVIDGE initiative. It all began in fall 2019 when we uncovered that patients fall into one or more of four key segments. More recently, we enhanced our research to include insights on how COVID-19 is impacting health care consumers.

Access what we learned when you join us for a brief video conference. We’ll share the four segments which bubbled up during our research. Want to know more? Ask how you can leverage this timely information to build your practice and increase your clientele. We’d be glad to help.

2020 Healthcare Report

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